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The Free Know NOW! App

The Know NOW! App is your portal for all essential COVID-19 information. The App, which is available free of charge for Apple and Android, seeks to streamline the various sources of COVID-19 updates and unify them in one easy-to-use application.

Know NOW! shares real-time COVID-19 alerts from state Governors’ offices, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and beyond to get the most relevant safety information straight to any mobile device, including updates on closures, travel restrictions, executive orders, CDC statistics, COVID-19 test sites, re-openings and more.

Later in 2020, Know NOW! will unveil new features with uses far beyond COVID-19. Central to this increased functionality will be the ability for public and private organizations to create private groups for specialized alerts, maps and other premium features. For more information on how your organization can utilize Know NOW! for private use, please call 859.224.1047 or email info@centralert.com.

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For more information on the features of the Know NOW! App, as well as a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions, please keep scrolling!


Using the Know NOW! App is Easy

The Know NOW! App has been designed to share real-time COVID-19 data from your state Governor’s office, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and beyond to get the most relevant COVID-19 updates directly to all users as soon as possible.

Upon downloading the App, users can opt to receive alerts based on their Home Location, Current Location or both, with other configurable settings available. The App itself is divided into four main sections, each represented by a tab on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

My Alerts

Firstly, there is the “My Alerts” tab. This tab features every active Alert for your Current Location and your Home Location (selecting a Home Location is only available to those who register for a free account). Alerts will appear in order of most recent, with unopened Alerts taking precedence over those that have already been viewed.

These alerts are tied to the official COVID-19 website and Governor’s website for your Current and/or Home Location and will feature the latest state guidance on closures, travel restrictions, executive orders, CDC statistics, testing sites, re-openings and more.


Secondly, there is the “Map” tab with three views available.


The first map view shows official CDC statistics for each individual state as well for the country as a whole, including number of deaths, positive and negative tests and the time of the most recent update. This view also features 14-day trend graphs for both new cases and hospitalization rates.

COVID-19 Test Site Map

The second map view displays the nearest verified COVID-19 Test Sites to your Home or Current Location, with directions available for each. Where available, information is also provided on hours of operation, facility type (drive-through, walk-up, clinic or hospital), and limitations. Website links and phone numbers are also listed where possible. The map also features a blue location marker so that the user always knows where they are relative to a test site.

Hospitals and Urgent Care Map

The third map view features a detailed selection of hospitals and urgent care providers for your Home and Current Location, with directions also available for each. Like the COVID-19 Test Site Map, this view also features a blue location marker.


Next, the “Resources” tab features the websites from which Know NOW! sources its data, along with other useful COVID-19 resources. These resources are listed based on your Current and/or Home Locations and include state COVID-19 websites, state Governors’ websites, state Departments of Education, state Departments of Labor, the CDC website and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.


Finally, the “Settings” page allows you to edit your Home Location, as well as allowing you to select whether or not you want to use your Current Location. You can also select Alert Types, set an Alert Radius and select whether to keep or discard expired alerts. However, if you want to edit any Know NOW! App settings, you must first create a free account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information does the Know NOW! App provide? The Know NOW! App features Governor updates, COVID-19 test site locations and statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

2. Is the Know NOW! App truly free or do I have to pay after a trial period? The Know NOW! App is absolutely free to all users for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. From what sources does the Know NOW! App get its data? While we are always looking for reliable data sources to add any and all relevant data, the Know NOW! App currently pulls its data from official state COVID-19 websites, along with state Governors’ websites and the CDC website. For more information on our sources, please click here.

4. What alerts does the Know NOW! App send? The Know NOW! App sends alerts for any new update from your state Governor, be that an executive order or a new drive-through testing location.

5. Does the Know NOW! App show the location of drive-through testing sites? Yes. Every verified drive-through testing site (as well as walk-up, clinic or hospital sites) will appear on the map, complete with directions on how to get there from your current location. If a location appears on our map, it is genuine testing site. No fake or scam sites will ever feature on our map. Note – the test site locations are provided to us by third parties and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Frequently Asked Questions Continued

6. Can I receive updates for multiple locations? Yes. If you create a free account on the Know NOW! App, you can receive alerts relevant to both your Home Location AND your Current Location.

7. Can I configure my Alert settings and save them across multiple devices? Yes. If you create a free account on the Know NOW! App, you can select your Alert Radius, change your Home Location and select the Alert Types that you wish to receive.

8. Does the Know NOW! App send push notifications? Yes. Every alert that you have requested to receive will pop up on your device’s main screen as soon as it’s released.

9. Do I have to provide you with a location to receive alerts? Yes. In order for us to send you the most relevant alerts, we request that you enter either a Home Location or your Current Location. Note that you must set up a free account on the Know NOW! App to set a Home Location.

10. Do I have to set up an account to use the Know NOW! App? No, you don’t! Anybody can use the Know NOW! App as a guest and receive alerts based on their Current Location. However, in order to add your Home Location, configure your alerts and save your preferences across devices, you will need to set up a free account.