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CentrAlert designs and manufactures Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC). C-DAC is an intelligent emergency alert and control system that directs personal communications to targeted recipients, coordinates mass notification using any device, and provides integrated controls to secure the environment and mitigate the effects of a crisis.

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C-DAC’s Characteristics

Centalert's C-DAC

Trusted by well-known organizations like NASA, Shell and Stanford University, C-DAC is the most reliable and technologically advanced emergency alert and control system in the world that can interface with any third-party technology and adapt to any environment.

Whether your organization needs a full system with all of C-DACs software and hardware features or just needs some help filling in the gaps, CentrAlert engineers and software developers are ready to design a C-DAC solution to best protect your people and your assets before, during, and after a crisis.

System Activation

Single-Operator Activation: While an operator can easily send multiple notifications and initiate various protective actions using one user-friendly interface, C-DAC can be controlled with many different devices. For example, remote access can be granted through our Portable C-DAC Ops.

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System Capabilities

Comprehensive Options: CentrAlert experts help customers choose from a variety of hardware and software components to create the ideal crisis communication system for their specific environments while enjoying the supportability of a standardized and tested product line.

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System Performance

  • Functionality Without Cloud Services: C-DAC is a presence-based system that uses an organization’s personal network, so it can function with or without cloud services.
  • Automatic Failover: The system features two or more servers constantly online so that if one server is disconnected, the other(s) continue to work uninterrupted.
  • Data Log: C-DAC takes care of all of the reporting by recording the data and keeping it logged in the system for later review or compliance.
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