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CentrAlert engineers and software developers have been perfecting Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC) for more than two decades. We stay on the leading edge of technology to leverage any infrastructure and coordinate reliable response.

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CentrAlert's Story

In 1997, CentrAlert began with the creation of the world’s first site-wide emergency alert and notification system for the Department of Energy. When CentrAlert founder Jeff Whattam consulted with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, now under Homeland Security) and observed emergency operations centers across the United States, he noticed the need for an intelligent, user-friendly technology that could coordinate a variety of communication channels and initiate protective actions during a crisis. It had to be capable of integrating disparate technologies, handling multiple events simultaneously, providing facility-wide alerts, disseminating targeted messages, and remaining secure and reliable at all times.

From this initial vision, Mr. Whattam founded CentrAlert, Inc., which grew to include a team of talented engineers and software developers focused solely on developing emergency communications technologies.  Today, CentrAlert produces Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC) hardware and software systems, which are entrusted with the safety of millions of people and billions of dollars of assets in industrial, commercial, educational and governmental organizations across four continents.


The Strength of C-DAC

Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC), now in its fifth generation, continues to lead the industry in emergency communications technologies. Input from agencies around the world has helped us perfect our system to stand above the competition. C-DAC can not only coordinate mass notification and personal communication with any device but can also control the environment to mitigate the effects of a crisis. C-DAC works with any organization’s emergency alert and control requirements by outfitting the facility with an entire system or seamlessly integrating with existing technologies to provide a comprehensive, reliable solution.

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Protecting Lives, Preserving Assets

Our products ensure the safety of people across the globe before, during and after a crisis. We even play a role in protecting the President of the United States, since CentrAlert technologies are installed at Andrews Airforce Base, the location of Air Force One. At CentrAlert, we enjoy adapting our proven hardware and software products to solve unique challenges in any environment. For example, our team integrated a system to detect lightning for NASA.

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How Can CentrAlert Help You Today?

Do you want to use an intelligent interface to instantly communicate with your personnel and control your environment to mitigate the effects of a crisis? Wherever the location, whoever the people, whatever the potential crisis, we’re equipped for the challenge and the responsibility. Contact us today to see how C-DAC can benefit your organization.

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