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The Power of Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC)

How C-DAC Protects Your Organization

Before, During and After a Crisis

Before a Crisis

A crisis can happen at any time and preparation is crucial. CentrAlert designs and manufactures Crisis-Driven Alert & Control hardware and software to provide reliable and adaptable mass notification, personal communication and adaptive intelligent controls for any organization. C-DAC rises above the competition with its ability to work with any device, interface with any third-party technology, and utilize its presence-based nature to work, even if cloud services are unavailable. C-DAC constantly monitors the environment and runs automatic system diagnostics to ensure it’s always ready to alert relevant personnel and initiate protective actions at a moment’s notice.

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During a Crisis

When a crisis occurs, the operator can use a variety of devices to quickly initiate the desired notifications, communications and protective actions. Crisis-Driven Alert & Control can also be set up for distributed control, offering certain individuals the power to operate designated parts of the system. External inputs—such as NOAA weather events, leak detectors, gas sensors, and fire alarms—can automatically initiate mass notification and personal notification and/or instigate protective actions, like shutting down HVAC or opening shelter doors.

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After a Crisis

Once a critical event has passed, Crisis-Driven Alert & Control can send out “all clear” messages that signal the end of the emergency and provide follow-up instructions to those affected by the event. C-DAC takes care of all of the reporting by recording the data and keeping it logged in the system for later review or compliance. Automatic system diagnostics ensure C-DAC is prepared for another crisis event if it occurs moments after or simultaneously with the last event.

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Crisis Averted

Protecting Industrial, Commercial, Government and Education Organizations Around the World

Whether oil leaks, tornados, or active shooters, crises happen. With Crisis-Driven Alert & Control, a crisis doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. Here at CentrAlert, we develop and manufacture products to save lives and preserve resources before, during and after a crisis.

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