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Send crucial alerts to everyone who needs to know

C-DAC coordinates facility-wide, mass notification devices with the ability to simultaneously initiate targeted alerts to selected devices in prescribed zones throughout the site. Utilizing multiple channels is important because the best way to reach one person may not reach someone else. Options for mass communication include sirens, Advisor Alert Radios, strobes/beacons, message reader boards, visual display monitors, land mobile radio and fire alarm systems.

Emergency Signal System™

ESS includes visual alerting devices (strobes) and audio alerting devices (sirens) for use in high volume/noise areas, for use in areas that require special alerting, or for use as part of an integrated emergency notification network. ESS supports UHF, VHF, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and other communication pathways. It has AC and solar power options, battery-powered fail-safe operation, and two-way alarm reporting and system test features.

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Emergency Audio Relay System

EARS sends targeted messages to any radio receiver including LMR subscriber units, handheld tactical radios and Emergency AM broadcast stations. EARS can also be connected to Public Address systems, allowing C-DAC Operators the ability to broadcast emergency messages over existing infrastructure.

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Advisor Alert Radio™

CentrAlert’s patented, multi-mode Advisor Alert Radio™ (AAR) is the perfect solution for emergency communication and mass notification. Compatible with numerous communication methods and protocols, the AAR provides unsurpassed flexibility and reliability with multiple input channels and various output types. The AAR is also the only alert radio capable of providing an NOAA receiver coupled with a local receiver, allowing localized control of escalating events.

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Message Reader Boards

The MRB software sends visual warnings and instructions to affected areas, which is ideal for areas with high noise levels. Different messages can be broadcast to different areas simultaneously, allowing the operator to send the right message to the right people. Messages can be pre-scripted or developed in real time as the situation demands. MRB works with third-party reader board signs as well as via direct protocol or when coupled with CentrAlert’s IP2S control box.

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SOS Siren

The SOS Siren provides direct two-way controls with native Whelen protocols to any Whelen siren. It can merge other third-party sirens or devices with the SOS module where the third-party protocol is available. It can also be retrofitted with the CentrAlert Secure Communications Remote Terminal Unit and activated with the CentrTalk protocol, allowing a common interface to multiple manufacturers.

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Secure Communications Remote Terminal Unit

The Secure Communications Remote Terminal Unit (SCRTU) is a control board designed to function with geographically dispersed sirens and/or other emergency warning devices. The SCRTU board can be used to convert third-party hardware for operations under the CentrAlert C-DAC system protocols. Features include two-way communications, diagnostics for system health checks and CentrAlert’s standard 256-bit encryption for complete security.

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