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Every organization is different. Every crisis is different. CentrAlert’s Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC) system can not only be set up to leverage any available infrastructure but also be implemented to meet countless security needs in the industrial sector.

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Industrial Crisis Averted

Industrial environments create some of the most challenging emergency communications possible. Our technology, which can alert workers and emergency responders to both drills and actual emergencies, can be adapted to suit the individual emergency alert requirements of any facility. CentrAlert’s C-DAC protects personnel in facilities nationally and internationally in chemical, nuclear power, electronics, specialty metals, fertilizer, lumber/paper processing, uranium enrichment and waste incineration/remediation industries.

Third-Party Coordination

Sadara required an overarching emergency alert and notification system that could coordinate their indoor Honeywell communication stations and their outdoor Whelen sirens. CentrAlert unified the two systems under a single operational and feedback control system by writing a custom application programming interface to control the indoor notification system and utilizing its standard siren control software to direct the outdoor system.

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Regional and Site-Wide Alerts

The site’s multiple facilities and diverse environmental conditions presented a unique challenge when it came to coordinating the notification architecture. CentrAlert staff integrated the system so it can be activated from virtually anywhere on site using Honeywell’s pushbutton call stations or C-DAC’s Guardian interface. Sadara personnel can initiate local alerts and regionalize messages, but the main emergency center has the ability to override regional commands to send out a site-wide alert should the situation escalate.

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Reliable Activation

The system features not only two servers constantly online to provide automatic failover but also redundant communication to the sirens through both wi-fi network and conventional radio. If one server or network is lost, the system still functions. Sadara’s emergency alert and notification infrastructure had to be presence-based, not cloud-based, so it would still function regardless of Internet speed or access and provides advanced security measures and credentialing features.

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Personal Installation

After designing the system to meet Sadara’s specific needs, CentrAlert engineers tested and personally installed the hardware and software.

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