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Every organization is different. Every crisis is different. CentrAlert’s Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC) system can not only be set up to leverage any available infrastructure but also be implemented to meet countless security needs in the commercial sector.

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Commercial Crisis Averted

Protecting the people and resources at some of the world’s largest corporations requires the ability to communicate multiple messages to multiple recipient groups at the immediate time of the crisis. People in one building may go on lock down, while those in another may be instructed to evacuate. CentrAlert’s C-DAC adapts to the events of any crisis to control the response and provide workers with real time event details.

Chemical Safety

CentrAlert stepped in to help protect Madison County from potential crises involving chemical leaks as part of the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program, as well as severe weather. CentrAlert engineers configured C-DAC to interface with the county’s existing third-party sirens for outdoor notification.

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Local Involvement

Additionally, they implemented Advisor Alert Radios™ (AAR) into Madison County’s local businesses. Now, business owners and workers can receive alerts and notifications from the department of emergency management from within their offices and work spaces. AARs can facilitate live public announcements, tone alerts and voice messages.

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