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CentrAlert FAQ

Please read on below for some simple answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any queries that are not answered here, email info@centralert.com.

Company Information

What exactly does CentrAlert do?

CentrAlert develops and manufactures software and hardware products that help our clients pro­tect lives and manage resources before, during and after a critical event. Click here to learn more.

Does CentrAlert provide hardware or software?

We provide a selection of both hardware and software options that can be configured to fit any emergency management need. While our central product, namely Crisis-Driven Alert and Control (C-DAC), is a software program, we do offer various pieces of hardware that can be integrated with C-DAC. Click here for more information.

I’m looking for an emergency notification system but don’t know what features I need. Does CentrAlert offer packages or make individual recommendations?

C-DAC offers more than 50 different hardware and software options to provide optimal emergency alert and notification capabilities for any environment. Our experienced engineers will select the best combination of our products for your organization’s specific requirements. Design and preparation services can include system documentation packages, design drawings, integration with existing hardware or systems and third-party API.

What type of organizations do you protect?

CentrAlert protects a wide selection of organizations across the United States and the world. From industrial clients like Dow Chemical, Florida Power & Light and Phillips 66 to world-renowned educational institutions like Stanford University, Northwestern University and George Washington University to major governmental installations like the NASA Stennis Space Center, we currently serve hundreds of clients across the Industrial, Commercial, Educational and Governmental sectors.

Product Information

Are your systems on-premise or cloud-based?

C-DAC is an on-premise (sometimes called presence-based) system that uses an organization’s personal network, so it can function with or without cloud services. However, every organization has different requirements and CentrAlert can create presence-based, cloud-based or hybrid systems depending on customer requirements. Click here to read about the benefits and disadvantages of each format.

Can you coordinate with my existing system?

CentrAlert’s Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC) system can integrate seamlessly with any existing system or third-party technologies. In fact, C-DAC can even link various other disparate equipment so that you can control your entire emergency management network from one place.

Does CentrAlert provide installation and maintenance for their products?

Because installation may require a variety of applications and components, we utilize a global network of qualified dealers who can help implement your chosen solution. We provide direct support or remote guidance for both installation support and maintenance procedures to ensure that our customers get the best experience possible.

Will I have to supply my own computers for CentrAlert’s C-DAC system?

No. While you’re free to do so, CentrAlert can supply dedicated machines that are perfectly suited to run every aspect of our C-DAC system.

How many alert formats do you have?

We know that various communication methods and alert formats are required to reach every one of your intended recipients. That’s why we offer sirens, strobes, radios and message reader boards as well as email, text message, pop-up, social media and voice alerts to ensure that you get your message where it needs to go.

Can CentrAlert send social media alerts?

Using our Update NOW! feature, you can send dedicated social media alerts via Twitter and Facebook to ensure that you have the best method to communicate with all of your intended recipients.

Do you offer text message alerts?

Yes. CentrAlert offers communication via numerous channels including text message, voice, email, pop-up, social media and more.

Where do you get your weather alerts?

Unlike other applications that rely on third-party interfaces to receive their weather data and weather alerts, CentrAlert’s Weather NOW! receives information directly from the National Weather Service (NWS) or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

What encryption do CentrAlert products use?

Each CentrAlert device has two 256-byte keys that com­bine to form unique encryption keys that change at regular intervals and each device maintains a synchronized clock that gets re-synched every week to ensure proper encrypt/ decrypt functionality.

Can I get a demonstration of your products?

To get a live demonstration of Crisis-Driven Alert & Control or any of its features, follow this link to schedule a demo.

Technical Support and Product Training

Does CentrAlert offer ongoing training?

Yes. CentrAlert offers three different levels of training designed to address objectives specific to Operators, Administrators and Maintenance Personnel. Operator training is designed for the individuals who will interface with the C-DAC system on a daily basis, Administrator training is intended for those responsible for integrating C-DAC with the end-user’s Emergency Action Plan and Maintenance training is aimed at user who are tasked with maintaining and/or servicing the C-DAC system.

Does CentrAlert offer technical support?

Yes. CentrAlert provides 24/7/365 technical support, with priority issue resolution and guaranteed response time. We even provide on-site support depending on your service level. All purchases include a free 30-day service period with specialized Technical Support Agreements available on an annual or multi-year basis. In addition, CentrAlert Technical Sup­port Agreements provide discounts for other CentrAlert related products and services.

Does CentrAlert have an upgrade program?

While all CentrAlert products are designed to last for a long time, technological advancements consistently result in products with superior features and increased efficiency. That’s why we created our Refresh Program. This option allows any customer to fund system upgrades over the course of their contract with CentrAlert, resulting in a complete retrofit of the system with no more upfront capital required. This option is ideal for organizations looking to make an initial Capital Expenditure purchase while maintaining and upgrading their system with annual Operations Expenditure budgets.

NOW! Notifier App

What information does the Know NOW! App provide?

The Know NOW! App features Governor updates, COVID-19 test site locations and statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Is the Know NOW! App truly free or do I have to pay after a trial period?

The Know NOW! App is absolutely free to all users for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. No payment information is required.

From what sources does the Know NOW! App get its data?

While we are always looking for reliable data sources to add any and all relevant data, the Know NOW! App currently pulls its data from the official state COVID-19 websites, along with each state Governor’s website and the CDC website. For more information on our sources, please click here.

What alerts does the Know NOW! App send?

The Know NOW! App sends alerts for any new update from the Governor, be that an executive order or a new drive-through testing location.

Does the Know NOW! App show the location of drive-through testing sites?

Yes. Every verified drive-through testing site (as well as walk-up, clinic and hospital sites) will appear on the map, complete with directions on how to get there from your current location. If a location appears on our map, it is a genuine testing site. No fake or scam sites will ever feature on our map. Note – the test site locations are provided to us by third parties and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Can I receive updates for multiple locations?

Yes. If you create a free account on the Know NOW! App, you can receive alerts relevant to both your Home Location AND your Current Location.

Can I configure my alert settings and save them across multiple devices?

Yes. If you create a free account on the Know NOW! App, you can select your Alert Radius, change your Home Location and select the Alert Types that you wish to receive.

Does the Know NOW! App send push notifications?

Yes. Every alert that you have requested to receive will pop up on your device’s main screen as soon as it’s released.

Do I have to provide you with a location to receive alerts?

Yes. In order for us to send you the most relevant alerts, we request that you enter either a Home Location or your Current Location. Note that you must set up a free account on the Know NOW App to set a Home Location.

Do I have to set up an account to use the Know NOW! App?

No, you don’t! Anybody can use the Know NOW! App as a guest and receive alerts based on their Current Location. However, in order to add your Home Location, configure your alerts and save your preferences across devices, you will need to set up a free account.