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Every organization is different. Every crisis is different. CentrAlert’s Crisis-Driven Alert & Control (C-DAC) system can not only be set up to leverage any available infrastructure but also be implemented to meet countless security needs in the educational sector.

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Educational Crisis Averted

An educational institution’s first priority is its students. Dynamic populations, multiple buildings, and on campus events bring about special challenges when it comes to emergency communications in the education sector. Institutions both large and small have chosen CentrAlert’s C-DAC for its ability to adapt to the constant ebb and flow of a campus setting. The system can not only be easily adapted to fit unique campus needs but also updated to include new technologies as they become available.

The World’s First Dual Communication Siren Control System

In 2008, CentrAlert staff implemented for Stanford the first dual communication siren control system on record in the world, and in 2014, CentrAlert provided a system upgrade that involved completing more than 14 projects in 18 months. Stanford’s system is unique because it includes Ethernet and two different radio frequencies. C-DAC allows them all to work together seamlessly, even though the radios are different brands.

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Safety and Security

Stanford’s emergency alert and notification system is now absolutely safe and secure, in part because it has two servers, a primary and a backup. If one server goes down, the other one will automatically take over operations. Additionally, the system was outfitted with two Guardians, allowing full operation of C-DAC from two separate locations.

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Third-Party Interfacing

At Stanford, CentrAlert engineers also demonstrated C-DAC’s ability to interface with any existing system a site may have. Stanford University had already been utilizing RAVE, a third-party notification system. CentrAlert staff set up an intermediary, Common Alerting Protocol, to interface C-DAC with RAVE. Now, all emergency alert and notification features, including the sirens, can be set off by one operator using one control panel.

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