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Personal Communication

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Send the right messages to the right people

C-DAC’s personal communication can quickly route unique messages to selected individuals or groups based on their location or role.

Whether sending situational awareness information to first responders or providing emergency instructions to affected populations, C-DAC’s industry-leading message distribution system gets the right information to the right people at the right time. Emergency response teams might receive instructions for maintaining order in the midst of a crisis, while community members may receive instructions telling them to evacuate.

Choose from text messaging, phone calls, pop-up alerts, social media updates and email blasts. See below to read more about our hardware and software that enable personal communication.

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NOW! Module

The NOW! Module™ delivers email, mobile popups, computer popups, text messages, social media updates and cell phone call-outs. The module allows for multiple pathways to ensure delivery. The Operator can target specific messages to specific recipients simultaneously. For some modules, two-way communication is available to account for worker safety. Messages could be determined by geographical location or by recipients’ roles (such as First Responder, Hazmat team, EOC staff, general population, etc.)

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Available NOW! Modules include:

  • Email NOW!™ – Direct email notification to selected recipients.
  • Mobile NOW!™ – Alerts cell phone users with a popup notification.
  • PopUp NOW!™ – Places top level popup notifications on computer monitors.
  • Text NOW!™ – Delivers SMS messaging to selected cell phone recipients.
  • Update NOW!™ Update social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Voice NOW!™ – Calls cell phones and land lines with automatic retry for unanswered calls.
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Video NOW!

Video NOW! allows a user to take video with a cell phone and send it directly to the emergency management department (or elsewhere), providing real-time assessment of a situation. For example, in the event of dangerous equipment malfunction, an industrial worker could send live video to a supervisor to request instructions about how to fix the problem.

Video NOW! can be integrated into existing security systems or used with a smart phone video application for mobile situation assessment. This module not only allows for remote support for system troubleshooting and maintenance but also helps emergency managers adapt to events in real time.

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