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Emergency Response Vehicle Creates Water From Air for Crisis Survivors

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Emergency Response Vehicle Creates Water From Air for Crisis Survivors

After a crisis strikes, affected populations may experience greater difficulties than usual accessing basic necessities like fresh water, especially if they live in communities located far away from population centers. That’s where Watergen comes in. The Israel-based startup and the Red Cross worked together to produce a new Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) that can provide fresh water, emergency lighting, and WiFi to disaster zones.

“The new technological development is a breakthrough in enabling the technology to be mobilized and allowing access to clean drinking water so that it is available anywhere in the world immediately and without any installation,” Watergen chairman Michael (Micho) Mirilashvili told The Jerusalem Post.

Watergen’s Emergency Response Vehicle

The ERV is a customized heavy-duty truck with Atmospheric Water Generator capable of gernating up to 156 gallons (600L) or clean drinking water from the air each day. It can store up to 390 gallons (1500 L) of water that is dispensed through water spouts on either side of the vehicle. The ERV can also provide emergency lighting, WiFi, medical equipment storage, satellite communication capabilities and battery charging for communication devices.

Designed according to American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines, Watergen’s ERV generated clean water for emergency services fighting the California wildfires in November 2018.

“Watergen’s technology is the ultimate solution because it produces water from a nonexpendable source,” Mirilashvili said.

Watergen: Extracting Water from Air for a Better World

Founded in 2009, Watergen seeks to “provide access for every man, woman, and child around the world to fresh, clean, and safe drinking water,” according to the company website. To do this, Watergen produces technology that can extract water from the air. Communities in Vietnam, India, and Russia have already benefited from Watergen technology.

Along with the ERV, Watergen also produces the Large Scale AWG, which can generate 5,000 liters of clean water per day; the GEN-350, a medium-scale atmosphere water generator that can create up to 900 liters of water per day; and GENNY, the company’s newest product that is a smaller, in-home version of the water-from-air technology.

“At a time when, according to international data, about two billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water, Watergen’s technology is a real lifesaver,” Mirilashvili said.



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