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ANNOUNCING the Free Know NOW! App for COVID-19!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

CentrAlert to Release Free COVID-19 Mobile Notification App


Know NOW! App seeks to stop the “second wave” by providing Governor updates, test site details, CDC statistics and more.

LEXINGTON, Ky., July 8th, 2020 – CentrAlert, Inc. today announced the launch of their free Know NOW! App to help everyone gain access to essential COVID-19 information. Know NOW!, which is available for Apple and Android, seeks to streamline the various sources of COVID-19 updates and unify them in one easy-to-use mobile application.

“When COVID-19 first hit, there was so much that we didn’t know,” says CentrAlert CEO, Jeff Whattam. “But after going through three months of lockdowns, testing and social distancing, there almost seems to be too much information out there. With the country starting to re-open, conditions are prime for a second wave of infections and our Know NOW! App offers one simple interface to keep users safe and informed.”

Amid the chaos and uncertainty of COVID-19, it’s this very simplicity that is the strongest asset of Know NOW! Upon downloading the App, users just select their Current or Home Location to gain access to every core feature of Know NOW!

Know NOW! App Features

The first of these features is Governor alerts. With each state largely in control of their own response, there has been no single way to keep up with the most recent COVID-19 updates. However, Know NOW! shares real-time alerts from state Governors so that the user is always informed of the latest executive orders, restrictions, re-openings and more. These alerts, which are delivered in-App and as push notifications, are archived for five days with new updates taking precedence.

In addition to providing users with the most up-to-date state information, Know NOW! also offers access to a variety of interactive maps. Central to this functionality is the COVID-19 Test Site Map. With the virus hitting so unexpectedly and so swiftly, the average person had no idea how to find their nearest COVID-19 test site. The team behind Know NOW! has sought to remedy this issue by researching and verifying an ever-growing list of over 8,000 test sites across the country, with directions from your current location available for each. On top of this, Know NOW! offers two other map views with official state and national CDC statistics as well as hospital and urgent care locations.

Aside from active Governor alerts and interactive maps, the Know NOW! App also features an extensive Resources section with direct links to essential information from state Health Departments, Education Departments, Labor Departments and more. These Resources are constantly updated to include the most pertinent and timely information.

As the year wears on, Know NOW! will unveil new features with uses far beyond COVID-19. “We don’t want people to think of Know NOW! exclusively as a tool for fighting COVID-19 – we want users to be able to get other information too,” says Whattam. “Later in 2020, we plan to release additional features for Know NOW! such as weather and other emergency alerts. We will also offer public and private entities alike the opportunity to create their own alert groups for more specialized communication.”

How to Get Know NOW!

The Know NOW! App is available for free for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic on the App Store and Google Play. For more information on Know NOW!, please visit https://centralert.com/covid-19.

Download the Know NOW! App!

You can enter your mobile number below and we’ll text you a link to download Know NOW! for Apple or Android. (We won’t retain or use your number for anything else. Standard text messaging rates may apply)

Alternatively, to download the Know NOW! App for Apple, simply click on the image below:


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