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Adaptive Intelligent Controls™: Use Any Input to Automatically Initiate Any Output

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Adaptive Intelligent Controls™: Use Any Input to Automatically Initiate Any Output

Most emergency alert and notification suites focus on alerting people that a crisis is occurring. What if technology could either automatically or semi-automatically mitigate the effects of a crisis? It can. That’s why CentrAlert’s emergency communication suite is called Crisis-Driven Alert & Control. We offer not only personal communication and mass notification products but also Adaptive Intelligent Controls (AIC).

What are Adaptive Intelligent Controls?

Adaptive Intelligent Controls (AIC) is an umbrella term we use to describe the technological capability to use almost any input to initiate almost any output. Usually, this involves detecting some kind of environmental factor, such as a gas leak, and initiating a protective action, such as shutting down HVAC systems to stop promulgation throughout the plant.

AIC can also automatically lock and unlock shelter doors or perform virtually any other control function a client may need. CentrAlert engineers have implemented AIC to detect dam breaches, oil leaks and gas leaks. They have also programmed the Weather NOW! module to receive messages directly from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and send pre-set messages via any communication channel.

Adaptive Intelligent Controls for NASA

CentrAlert engineers can program AIC to suit the needs of any organization or site. For example, at NASA’S John C. Stennis Space Center, the biggest rocket engine test facility on the planet, CentrAlert engineers used AIC technology to connect the center’s lightning detectors to the site-wide emergency alert and notification system. When lightning is detected, site-wide warnings go out automatically, warning the workers of dangerous conditions.

No matter which inputs and outputs you have in mind, CentrAlert engineers are here to help. We can easily adapt our trusted, streamlined technology to meet your organization or site’s needs. To speak with someone and discuss your specific requirements, email us or call us: +1 (859)224-1047.



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